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Sunday March 8, 2009

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Tyhina is a 34-foot centerboard aluminium cutter, designed for safe ocean passages and navigation in remote environs; she is built around four key principles: resiliance, autonomy, simplicity and ease of maintenance.

As you may have guessed we prefer routes less travelled and remote destinations. In 2007 this took us from the busy waterways of Florida and the east coast of the US to the Atlantic coast of Canada, where we explored the coasts of Nova Scotia and Labrador and circumnavigated Newfoundland.

Last year saw Tyhina retracing Roald Amundsen's 1903-06 transit of the Northwest Passage onboard his converted fishing boat Gjoa.

The Northwest Passage is the fabled sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. European explorers seached for this elusive route to the orient for over 300 years, many ships and even an entire expedition was lost in the quest to discover this 'holy grail' of arctic exploration. The Arctic 2008 page has more information on the Northwest Passage and the Voyage Log follows our successful transit last year.

We would like you to travel with us through tyhina.com, where we will keep you informed of our plans and updated with news of our progress.

Sincerely Maeva and Pete

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Tyhina - Northwest Passage 2008