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Arctic 2008

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Northwest Passage

In 2008 Tyhina will journey north to Greenland where she will cross the arctic circle and head into Canadian waters in an attempt to navigate the Northwest Passage.

The Northwest passage is the sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and lies almost entirely north of the arctic circle. From Baffin bay on the Atlantic side of northern America it weaves its way through a maze of islands in the Arctic Archipeligo, finding its way into the Beaufort Sea, then the Arctic Ocean on Alaska's northern coast, before making its way into the Pacific through the Bering Strait.

This area is frozen for the better part of the year and thaws for a few weeks during the brief arctic summer at which time navigation is possible. The Northwest passage sees few vessels passing through its waters. Since the first transit by Roald Amundsen in 1906 just over 100 vessels have made the passage.

The Northwest Passage

The Route traveled by Amundsen in his boat Gjoa (1903 to 1906)

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