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Labrador coast August to September 2007


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Sunday October 1, 2007
Southern Harbour, Newfoundland

Tyhina is currently laid up for the northern winter in the fishing community of Southern Harbour, Newfoundland. This past summer we have spent the majority of our time exploring the remote coast of Labrador. Our first impressions of the outer islands of this predomently icebound coast were of a harsh and treeless landscape, but as we explored the many rivers, bays and estuaries we found coastal forests, abundant wildlife and rich flora - true wilderness.

Humback and minke whales, dolphins, black bears and even a wolf have been our neighbours as we explored this remote coast. While on the water an abundance of icebergs kept us on our toes and the occassional storm required us to aquaint ourselves with some very cosy anchorages.

We are now back in the southern hemisphere for the duration of the northern winter and will return to Tyhina in the spring of 2008 to continue our journey.


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