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Tyhina is a 34-foot centerboard aluminium cutter, designed for safe ocean passage as well as navigation in remote environs; she is built around four key principles: resiliance, autonomy, simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Tyhina can accommodate 4 crew in 3 cabins one forward and one aft and 2 in the saloon, she offers maximum storage and is able to carry several months of supplies for her crew as well as vital spare parts, allowing for long navigation away from land support.

The ballasted centre board keel makes Tyhina well suited to the remote waterways and areas not yet surveyed. Her shallow draft allows navigation close inshore to avoid ice and gives flexibility in anchorage selection.

Aluminium hull construction offers the strength close to that of a steel hull, with better flexibility characteristics in the event of minor impacts such as could be expected when navigating ice in high latitudes. Maintenance cost and time is greatly reduced by the use of bare aluminium.

She will be partly re-fitted in early 2007, including new electrical system, new rigging and ground tackle for the deep water anchorages of Greenland and Canada's Eastern Arctic waters.

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Tyhina's construction at Aluminium & Techniques and then arrival and fit out at Rameau's.
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